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  • Jorge Luis Borges: FICCIONES
  • Jonathan D. Spence: Return to Dragon Mountain: Memories of a Late Ming Man
  • Neil Stephenson: SNOW CRASH
  • Daniel Tammet: BORN ON A BLUE DAY
  • Gabriel García Márquez: THE AUTUMN OF THE PATRIARCH



Jing-reed of Seven Pig Alley?
Yeah, that’s me, and I really do live on a street named Seven Pig Alley – in a suburb of the greater Chiang Mai area. Chiang Mai is a paradisaical city in a large tropical valley flanked by verdant mountains located in the northern part of Thailand.

I have had the good fortune to have lived in various locations around the globe. I was raised in Slovakia, and California figures prominently, particularly the area north of San Francisco. A couple of years in Australia, five years in Japan, ten years in a tropical mountainous valley in Veracruz, México, and now exquisitely lovely Thailand. Gypsy genes I guess.

Have worked primarily as a university professor (world literature, ESL, and academic writing).
A secondary degree in ornamental horticulture provided the occasional respite from teaching so as to spent time designing residential gardens. Currently retired and enjoying life.

Interests are many, varied, and include computer graphics design (primarily fractals), music, writing, world mythology, haiku, oriental calligraphy, macro-photography, languages and generally living life as joyfully as possible. Have always considered personal creativity akin to a direct connection to the ‘divine’.

I eschew like the plague people and organizations bent on power trips and control, i.e. politicians, the military and most of organized religion.

In addition to the musical Thai praenomen of Jing-reed (cricket), I am also known as Gordon, Igor, Gor, Mumbo


film, botany, computer graphics design, world literature, western classical and international music, haiku and oriental calligraphy, Mesoamerican archeology